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Congratulations to our
2017 District 13 Champions

Below is a summary of our teams' tournament progress
Brackets (when available) are on the tournament page
 Age Group ChampionWhat Happened Next?

  Eliminated In Section Tournament Play
 10-11Thousand Oaks

  Section I Champions!
Eliminated in Division III Tournament Play 

 11-12El Rio

  Eliminated In Section Tournament Play


  Section I

  Eliminated in Division III Tournament Play


No Team for 2017


It Takes A County!

Seven Little League Tournaments in 5-weeks can only happen when over 150 volunteers give the extra effort. Tournament Chairmen, Announcers, Scorekeepers, Pitch Counters, Snack Shack Operators, Umpires, Field Maintenance Crews, District and League Officials work together so that the kids can play All Star games reaching for the ultimate goal of Little League World Champions.

California Little League District 13 teams played at Conejo Creek Ballpark, Colina School, Fiore Fields and Moorpark's Little League Fields to see who would advance to the next level, the State Tournaments.

The 10U District All Star Tournament was held at Colina Middle School, hosted by Thousand Oak Little League, President Alan Thompson and made possible by the following:

Tournament Director/Announcer – Greg Amodi

District Staff - Frank Brady

Snack Shack - Matt Kinney, Kristina, Shaya Baird, Amanda Wynalda, Chelsea Mitchell, Deanna Manley, Ernest Nortey, Sean Turner

Scorekeepers - Jimmy Paulson, John Thevenot, Lance Snyder, Michael Blommer, Carolyn Beer, Chris Grey

Field Maintenance- Rick Schuberg, Reid Chobanian, Michael Mirel, Bryan Cusworth, Anand Chinnam, Duane Burton, Dean Henderson, Tony Russo, Dean Pacich, Martha Alverson, Dave Dority, Ernest Nortey, Tony Baird, Michael Blommer, Brian Luderer, Chris Sax, Chris Grey, Jim Volantis

Pitch Count - Lisa Cusworth, Hans Lee, Brian Luderer, Tyler Bacon, Dean Pacich, Mari Nakagawa, Deanna Marley, Chris Sax

Umpires - Ed Stankiewicz, Tom Gasbeck, Bill Davis, Tom Ginther, John Cleary, Chris Tucker, Mario Martinez, David Chavez, Ed Palmquist, Rolen Hiroshita, Ron Huerth, Billy Kraemer, Jim Coppinger, Scott Bramhall, Steve Henson, Gary Montalvo, Dave Chavez

The 11U District All Star Tournament was held at Fiore Fields hosted by Conejo Valley Little League, President Tom Powell and made possible by the following:

Tournament Directors/Announcers - Will Haigh, Steve Henson, Lee Mahannah and Dave Turley

District Staff - Pat Hendrickson

Snack Shack - Sue Morge, Dawn Haigh, Rachelle Dean, Sam Curtis

Scorekeeper - Anita Figueroa 

Fields Maintenance - Stacy Hibbard, Paul Mahannah, Tim Geary, Dave Curtis, Luke Barrett  

Umpires - Bill Davis, Tom Ginther, Billy Kraemer, Scott Bramhall, Pejman Daneshnia, John Cleary, Tom Gasbeck, Ron Huerth

The 12U District & Section All Star Tournaments were held at  Moorpark Little League, President Robin Hodge and made possible by the following:    

Tournament Directors/Announcers - John Husted, Tommy Luna, Robin Hodge,Candace Williams, Jeremy Kemp, Matt Baker

District Staff - Vern Williams

Snack Shack - Lindsey Woods, Terry Leddy, Bob Burckhard, Brandi Mitchem, Maci Herder, Nikki Warren, Amee Nickels, Christina Gonzalez, Amy Carter, Emily Carter, Brady Barnhart, Sunshine Gray & daughter, Alissa Whitely, Heather Navas, Carlos Navas, Pauline Perez, Rayline Perez, Teri Lareva, Robin Hodge, Jenny Grey & Family , Talia Banbrook, Patrick O'Connell, Nellie Charles , Tina Gayton, Amee and Dave Nickels

Scorekeeper - Steve Booth, Kim Holliday, Robin Hodge, Chris Huerth, Dave Lareva, Kent Groeneveld

Field Maintenance - John Husted, Tommy Luna, Jay Ramirez, Owen Ramirez, Jeff Barnhart. Manny Barrera, Manny Barrera, Jr.

Umpires - Rolen Hiroshita, Ron Huerth, David Chavez, Ed Palmquist, Rick Brooke, Jim Coppinger, Steve Henson, Bill Davis, John Cleary, Don Iannucci, Scott Bramhall, Ralph Metz,   Vern Williams,Tom Gasbeck,l Bill Moellering, Ed Stankiewicz, Billy Kraemer, Chris Tucker, Ray Hennessey, David Harrison, Dan Cornet, Chris Fischer

The Junior All Star District & Section All Star Tournaments were held at Moorpark Little League Fields and Conejo Creek Ballpark, hosted by the District 13 Staff and made possible by the following:    

Tournament Director - Roger Lazar

Announcers - John Politowski, Robin Hodge

Pitch Counters - Ralph Metz, Vern Williams, Sergio Plasencia

Snack Shack - Randy Riley

Scorekeepers - Roger Lazar, Frank Brady, Kent Groeneveld, Sergio Plasencia, Anita Figueroa

Field Maintenance- Craig Welling, Randy Riley, Dave Chavez, Tommy Luna

Umpires - Ralph Metz, David Chavez, Ken Moss, John Cleary, Billy Kraemer, Don Iannucci, Scott Bramhall, Pejman Daneshnia, Walter Davidson, Vern Williams, Chris Tucker, Ed Palmquist, Rolen Hiroshita, Bill Moellering, justin Martin, Bill Davis, Bill Berger, Dan Cornet, Edgar Terry, Ray Hennessey

Roger Lazar
District Administrator
CA Little League District 13